Recovering Deleted Videos from Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4, which is the successor of the most successful Samsung Galaxy S3, has many features. It has become more popular among the mobile phone users. One of the most useful features of this mobile phone is that it has a high-resolution camera, which is used by people to capture images and recording video clips of memorable moments. You can view the video clip later to recall the sweet memory of past. However, it is considered safe and secure in terms of video file stored on it but there are many occasions where your video from Galaxy S4 is gets deleted. If you have found yourself in such situation, where your video from Galaxy S4 has deleted then do not worry. Here you will learn about a tool, which is famous for video file recovery from Galaxy and recognized as Video File Recovery software.

Samsung Galaxy has many features one of those is touch screen facility. By using this feature, you can perform operations on a mobile phone by just touching the screen. Suppose you want to play a video clip stored on your Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone. Moreover, while choosing play option from the menu, by mistake or in the hurriedness your finger touches the delete option from the menu then that clip is deleted in this incident. After this event, you will be in a great trouble and this situation turns into disaster in case there is no proper backup of that video file. But, there exists a tool which can recover deleted video from Galaxy S4 in just a matter of second. It is famously known as Video File Recovery utility.

This tool is not only capable to recover video from Samsung Galaxy but also can recover video from various other media file storage devices like memory Sticks, iPod and many more. To know how to recover deleted video from iPod visit here:

Third party software is another reason, which is responsible for deletion of video file from Galaxy S4. Suppose. Suppose you connect your Mobile to a system on which an antivirus program is running then there is a chance that during the scanning process you video from Galaxy S4 may get deleted.

Whatever be the reason behind the deletion of the video from your Galaxy phone you can easily recover deleted videos from Galaxy S4 with the aid of Video File Recovery tool. This tool is capable enough to recover deleted MOV file proficienty. To know about deleted MOV file recovery visit this link: Video File Recovery tool quickly recovers deleted video from a Smartphone. In addition to video, it can also recover music, image files very easily. It scans internal and external phone memory and then recovers deleted video from it. You can restore deleted video from Smartphone of various popular brands including Samsung, Sony, HTC and many more. It helps you to recover different types of video format like MOV, MP4 and MPEG. You can also recover video from SD card of different brands. It gives you a preview of recovered video files. You can also use this application to recover deleted video from SD of your LG Optimus Smartphone in just a couple of seconds. In case you want to know how the software works to recover video files after deletion, visit the given page URL:

Adding to this, the software can help you out to retrieve deleted videos from Mac Trash / Windows Recycle Bin with great ease and utmost accuracy. For users who are looking out for a way to undelete video files from Mac Trash, then check out the link right here

Steps to Recover Deleted Videos From Galaxy S4

Step 1: Download and install software on computer. Connect the Galaxy S4 to the system. Now, select "Recover deleted files" to retrieve deleted video from Galaxy S4  from the Main Screen as depicted in Figure 1.

How To Recover Deleted Videos From Galaxy S4 - Recover Deleted Files

Figure 1: Recover Deleted Files

Step 2: After this tool scans and detects your Galaxy S4.

How To Recover Deleted Videos From Galaxy S4 - Detecting Galaxy S4

Figure 2: Detecting Galaxy S4

Step 3: Now, select the Galaxy S4 from which you want to restore deleted video file and then click on "Next" button to start recovering videos as depicted in Figure 3.

How To Recover Deleted Videos From Galaxy S4 - Select Galaxy S4

Figure 3: Select Galaxy S4

Step4: Once the recovery process is over you can see the preview of recovered file.

How To Recover Deleted Videos From Galaxy S4 - Preview File

Figure 4: Preview File