Excellent Tool to Recover Video from Formatted CF Card

  • A super easy technique to restore media files from CF card
  • Supports recovery of all file types of images, videos, audio, text, etc.
  • Simply plug and restore formatted CF card in a matter of few minutes
  • Run the tool on any version of Windows or Mac OSX

The Compact Flash card is also called as a CF card, which is used widely. These cards are extensively used alongside devices like DSLR cameras, music players, iPod, and other handheld devices. However, a CF card lets you store precious files including audio, videos, text documents, movies, applications, games, etc. In spite of having all these advantages, data stored on CF card might get corrupt, inaccessible or damaged due to some unpredicted reasons.

Let us consider that you’re having CF card containing important video files and you desire to transfer all the data onto the system via a card reader. During such a process, if interruptions occur and then the system gets terminated inappropriately. Later, when you restart the system, it displays a “card error” message. To resolve this issue you will have to format the card.

Formatted Compact Flash card

Once you format the CF card, all files get erased within a fraction of seconds. There are more other instances where the data saved on the CF card could get erased. Well, some common reasons for formatting the CF card are as follows:

Unintentional Formatting: Sometimes, when you connect the CF card to the system to access video files, you may accidentally select the format option instead of selecting the eject option. This type of prevalence results in complete loss of video files present on a CF card.

File System Corruption: The file system of the CF card may get corrupted due to a severe attack of the virus. Thus the video files and other media on the card storage remain inaccessible.

Format Error: After connecting the CF card, the system displays the message like “Format Error” on screen, in such a situation, you would not be able to access video files unless you proceed to format the card, which leads to the entire data loss.

Apart from the above-mentioned scenarios, there are a few more reasons liable to deletion or loss of CF card files- interruptions causes whilst transferring video files, abrupt ejection of the CF card, incorrect handling, etc. Now, to overcome data loss from Compact Flash card, all you need is the Video File Recovery software. The tool is designed using powerful scanning algorithms that instantly scans the CF card and retrieves all media files from it.

Why use the Video File Recovery to recover video from a formatted CF Card?

Video File Recovery is an expert-recommended tool that securely restores the files on the compact flash media. This is an ultimate application helps you recover video from a formatted card, corrupt CF card, deleted or lost files very easily. Moreover, it supports the restoration of all formats of videos, pictures, music, documents, etc. in a hassle-free way.

This is a best video restoration utility that can be used to recover deleted GoPro videos and also other various devices like iPod, camcorders, USB pen drives, external HDD, memory cards, SSD, etc. The CF Video Recovery application is also available in a demo version. You can quickly restore CF card videos and preview them just in a few clicks. Also, the recovered CF media files will be listed based on their file size, file name, creation date, and modified date.

Additional info: Learn how to recover deleted videos from Recycle Bin on Windows and Trash on Mac using the Video Recovery application.

Easy steps to recover videos from a formatted CF memory card

Step 1: Launch the Video File Recovery program on your PC and connect the CF card to it.

Step 2: On the home screen, select the option as- Recover Files.

Step 3: Click on the Scan button.

Video File Recovery - Main screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 4: The scanning process gets triggered.

Figure 2: Scanning for video files

Step 5: Now check for the restored files from the CF card.

Figure 3: Recovery results

Step 6: Preview the retrieved media files and mark the files for saving.

Figure 4: Preview Window

Step 7: Choose a destination location to save the recovered videos. Hit on Save button.

Figure 5: Save Recovered Videos

Tips to retrieve videos from a formatted CF Card:

  • Do not eject the CF card abruptly in between any file transfer process
  • Frequently update the antivirus software to get rid of the virus and malicious threats
  • You must not frequently use the same CF card to different devices

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