Recover Deleted Videos from an iPod

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iPod has become one of the popular electronic gadgets that everyone would love to have because of its venerable features. But their some problems faced commonly by iPod user, for example, deletion of videos, which may happen due to accidental deletion of the video file from iPod. Thus leading to situation where user need to find a solution for a question like “How to get back deleted videos from iPod?” Video File Recovery software is the best solution for your above problem. This software not only helps you to recover deleted videos from iPod, but it can even be used to restore deleted videos from a Memory Stick, Memory card, USB Stick, etc. Click over this URL to read more about deleted video recovery from the Memory Stick.

Frequent reasons for video file deletion:

  • Deletion: In case you may want to delete some unwanted video files from your iPod to free some memory for storing new videos. But if you accidentally delete some valuable video instead of the unwanted videio, then you may face huge loss of your video files.
  • Accidental deletion: If you by mistake click on delete all option on your iPod, then you may lose all your priceless video files from your iPod. Similar instance is seen in “HTC Evo” due to which videos are deleted, for better understanding visit:
  • Formatting: Formatting is a major issue by which you may lose all the video files from your iPod. If you format your iPod without keeping proper backup then you lose all your video files and other media files. After facing this kind of situation mostly the user gets upset because they don't know how to get back deleted videos from iPod after formatting.
  • Virus infection: Videos can also be deleted due to the virus infection if the iPod is scanned by antivirus program to remove virus from the iPod. And if any video files are corrupted by the virus program then the antivirus program will delete the corrupted video file. At certain situation make use of reliable file recovery tool to restore deleted videos from iPod.
  • Other reasons for loss of videos: While transferring video files from iPod to the computer or vice versa. If there is any interruption in the process like abrupt shut down of the system while the transfer process is going on, then there is a chance of video loss. And also video files are lost due to file system corruption of the iPod etc.

Now you must have questioned how to get back deleted videos from iPod after encountering any of the above-listed issues. Well!! all the above-mentioned problems can be solved by using the software, which is capable to recover deleted videos from iPod. And now we have the solution for the question “How to recover deleted WMV videos from iPod?” The software is efficiently designed to restore deleted videos from iPod. It can even restore deleted AVI, MP4 files, DIVX and various other video file formats. The software is also capable to recover deleted files from recycle bin of Windows-based system to know in detail just This tool will be the best answer for the query how to get back deleted videos from iPod easily and effectively. The software can also restore other media files like music, photos etc from the iPod. The software supports both Windows and Mac based systems. Software can also recover deleted files from SD card etc.

Some precautionary measures to avoid video deletion from iPod:

  • Always double-check before deleting any video file from the iPod.
  • Always keep the system virus free using antivirus program.
  • Always take backup of the video files before deleting.
  • Always remove external storage derive safely.

Steps to recover deleted videos from iPod

Step 1: Download and install the software on your system and then connect the iPod to the system. Select, the appropriate option from the available option.

How to Get Back Deleted Videos from iPod - Main Screen

Step 2: Select "Recover Deleted Photos" option to restore deleted videos from iPod. After this select the drive from you want to recover video files.

How to Get Back Deleted Videos from iPod - Select Recovery Option

Step 3:Once the recovery is done you can preview the files before saving it to the destination.

How to Get Back Deleted Videos from iPod - Preview Files

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