HTC Evo Deleted Video Recovery

  • The tremendous tool that performs deleted videos from HTC Evo
  • Also helpful in retrieving videos from camera memory cards, memory sticks, iPods, USB drives and others
  • Uses strong algorithms to securely extract the video file
  • Runs on all versions of Windows and Macintosh


HTC Evo is an excellent Android-powered device that is owned by millions of users across the world. This Android based Smartphone is designed and introduced by HTC incorporation. HTC Evo Smartphone has a large touch-screen which lets the user view videos or pictures in high-definition. The video files that are recorded by making use of HTC Evo Android phone will be saved on the internal memory. But, these HTC Evo Smartphones are also equipped with the memory cards that extend the data storage capacity of the HTC Evo phone and also help the users to store more and more number of media files.

Although these Android phones are very powerful and a lot of the users think that the video files and other media files are fully secure. Actually, this misconception is not true. Nowadays, every digital product is prone to data loss and there are fair chances of losing precious video, music, picture files from Android HTC Evo. Have you ever accidentally deleted some video files from HTC Evo Android Phone when connected to the computer? Are you worried and combing over the internet to look for a method to recover deleted video from HTC Evo Smartphone? You just be calm and leave all your worries about the deleted video files aside. With the introduction of the Video File Recovery tool, it is very much easy to retrieve deleted video from an HTC Evo phone easily and quickly.

Common scenarios causing the deletion of videos from HTC Evo:

  • There are cases in which you may delete some unneeded video files from your HTC Evo Android Phone to free its memory space for storing the new videos. But, in a hurry, you might accidentally select some of the precious video files and delete them resulting in a huge loss of video files. But, you can restore deleted video from HTC Evo by using the best video file recovery software.
  • While playing video on HTC Evo suddenly an error message pops up stating that your mobile battery is low, but without caring for that message you continue watching the video and then suddenly your phone turns off. Later when you switch on your HTC Evo, you find that the some of the video files are missing.
  • By mistake, clicking “Delete All” button on HTC Evo Smartphone would result in the deletion of all the video and other media files from the device and will make you to face severe loss of your valuable video files from HTC Evo phone. If you are thinking about how to recover deleted video from a HTC Evo, then this software is the perfect solution.
  • Formatting is the other main reason for deletion of the video file from an HTC Evo phone. If you perform a format operation on your phone without backing up the stored files, then it would erase all the video files stored on HTC Evo memory card leading to file loss. However, by using this recovery software, you can effectively recover deleted video from HTC Evo Smartphone.

In order to avoid above-discussed scenarios, it is recommended to create a backup of precious video and other media files so that it helps you at the time of data loss situation. But, in the event there is no backup source, then the video file recovery toolkit helps you to retrieve deleted video from HTC Evo Android phone that got deleted because of any of these reasons. Adding to this, the software can also be used to recover deleted videos from Canon Vixia, Kodak, Panasonic and many other models of the digital cameras. Apart from HTC Evo, it also restores videos from other HTC models such as HTC Sensation, HTC Rezound, HTC Desire V, HTC One, etc; This utility allows you to restore videos from Sony Handycam, Go Pro HD Helmet, Kodak ZX series, Samsung NX series, Fuji Fine Pix and many more.

Procedure to restore deleted video from HTC Evo:

Step1: Download the Video Recovery tool and install it on the hard disk of your computer. Connect the HTC Evo Android Phone to the system as depicted in Figure 1.

Recover Deleted Video from HTC Evo - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: When your HTC Evo phone gets detected, double click the tool to run the software. Now, select “Recover deleted files” to retrieve deleted video from HTC Evo from the main screen as depicted in Figure 2.

Recover Deleted Video from HTC Evo - Select Option

Figure 2: Select Option

Step3: Now, select the HTC Evo Android phone from which you want to restore deleted video file and then click on “Next” button to start recovering videos as depicted in Figure 3.

Recover Deleted Video from HTC Evo - Select Drive

Figure 3: Select Android Device

Step4: Once done with the process, you will be able to see the list of restored videos as depicted in Figure 4. Then, you can save the required videos and if satisfied with the results, you can purchase its complete software.

Recover Deleted Video from HTC Evo - Preview File

Figure 4: Preview File