Restore Videos from the Formatted Hard Disk

  • An incredible solution to recover formatted video files from HD drives
  • All other external storage drives are also supported for recovery
  • The efficient recovery algorithms scan the storage and securely extracts videos from it
  • Also works with images, documents, audio files, and others

A lot of people prefer to store all their valuable video files on their system hard drive. Despite the situations, where the vital videos files are susceptible to various data loss disasters. One might mistakenly format the drive containing a huge collection of video files. Nonetheless, the format operation will completely wipe the videos and all other media files residing on the disk partitions.

Important cautions to be noted:

  • Do not add new files to the formatted hard drive- Saving/writing new files to the formatted hard drive will overwrite the files that were deleted upon format. This, in turn, could bring down the chances of data recovery.
  • Third-party apps- Do not use any untrustworthy or unreliable third-party programs to restore unformat drive data.
  • Major reasons for formatting the HDD

  • Unintentional formatting hard drive: Sometimes you plug in the external hard drive to format, but by mistake, you select the system hard drive containing video files to format.
  • The hard drive is full: If your hard drive is filled with many of the unwanted files, you may find that the hard drive has cluttered and there is no space to store any more files. After that, you might decide to format your hard drive which may result in loss of videos.
  • To upgrade OS: Upgrading of the operating system requires OS reinstallation, which in turn asks you to format the system hard drive thereby resulting in loss of entire video files along with other data stored in it.
  • Virus infection: When your hard drive is infected by the harmful viruses then it results in underperformance of your PC. To overcome this issue you may format that particular hard drive that leads to loss of videos. Moreover, even virus infected hard drives prompt you to format the disk in order to continue using the drive.
  • Easily get back videos from the formatted hard disk

    To securely extract videos deleted after disk format you need to rely on a robust video recovery application like Video File Recovery. With the aid of this eminent software, you can easily carry out formatted hard drive video file recovery within a few minutes.

    This Video File Recovery software is designed using efficient recovery algorithm that scans and unformats the hard disk formatted with any disk file system. It also helps to retrieve deleted files from the memory sticks or memory cards with ease. For further details regarding memory stick video file recovery, log on to the given link:

    Outstanding features of this video recovery application

    • Offers a simple and secure formatted hard drive video file recovery process
    • Easy-to-use the wizard guides in every stage of video recovery
    • Successfully restores all types of files from the reformatted, formatted, RAW, corrupt or inaccessible hard drive
    • Supports all file type formats of videos, audio, documents, pictures, etc.
    • Compatible to work with all latest editions of Windows and Mac OSX.

    Simple steps to retrieve videos from formatted hard drive :

    Step 1: Launch the Video File Recovery software and install it on your computer. After launching, select "Recover Files" option as shown in Figure 1.

    Step 2: Locate the formatted hard disk that was formatted and click on the Scan button.

    Video File Recovery - Main screen

    Figure 1: Main Screen

    Step 3: The tool starts unformatting the chosen hard disk drive.

    Figure 2: Scanning for video files

    Step 4: The recovery results appear in a new window.

    Figure 3: Recovery results

    Step 5: Preview the restored video files and mark them for saving.

    Figure 4: Preview Window

    Step 6: Now mention a drive location to save the videos retrieved from the formatted hard disk.

    Figure 5: Save Recovered Videos

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    For Leopard (10.5) and
    Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

    For Lion (10.7),
    and Above